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Winter Edition 2017/18 client newsletter

(January 03, 2018)

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As usual, we have sought to address topical issues that are likely to be of interest to most readers. Included in this edition are:

1. Your plans for 2018 and beyond – focus on the long game

Take stock of your investments, think about what you want to achieve

2. Pensioners in drawdown fear running out of money

Making the right decisions about your pension – get advice

3. Over £40m stolen from pensioners

Be on your guard to prevent devastating financial losses

4. If you employ a nanny or a cleaner, you may need to set up a pension fund

Make sure you are aware of your obligations

5. Older workers facing the pressure of intergenerational needs

Supporting children, looking after parents – don’t forget about your pension

6. Ready to invest? Here’s how to get started

Tips on getting off the starting blocks with your investments

7. Budget Highlights

Taking a closer look at some of the key points from the Autumn Budget

8. A game of endurance as disposable incomes hit six year low

Cash-strapped consumers struggling

We do hope that you find this newsletter both interesting and informative. Should you have any queries, or require more information on any of the articles or any other financial matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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