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Summer 2018 Newsletter

(July 19, 2018)

Summer Newsletter 2018

As usual, we have sought to address topical issues that are likely to be of interest to most readers. Included in this edition are:

1. What does retirement planning mean for you?

How to manage your money and budget for the lifestyle you want to lead

2. Inheritance tax – where are we now?

An update on IHT – many believe an overhaul is required

3. Is it time to let the ‘dogs’ out?

Taking a look at the terminology ‘dog fund’ and why regular reviews are key

4. Drawdown – a popular choice, but advice is essential

As more retirees select the option, here we focus on understanding the risks

5. The rise of the part-time pensioner

Taking a look at the changing shape of retirement

6. Protecting the elderly from financial abuse

With scammers on the increase, here we focus on how to protect your interests

7. Paying for life when you reach 100

With an increased number of us needed daily care - how are we going to make ends meet?

8. Dividend rise for shareholders

Shareholders have benefited as corporate profitability rises

We do hope that you find this newsletter both interesting and informative. Should you have any queries, or require more information on any of the articles or any other financial matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our next newsletter will be available in Autumn 2018.

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